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Life Sciences Ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates
Interactive Mindmaps (Beta Version)

Mindmaps are dynamic visualizations of the industry ecosystem. They break down industry sectors and display entity-specific data when you click on individual logos. This approach offers a comprehensive view of the Life Sciences Ecosystem in the UAE. Mindmaps make it effortless to explore different entities, apply filters based on industry and region, and seamlessly navigate the ecosystem.

 Distribution of the UAE Life Sciences Investors by Country


In the field of investments into life sciences in the UAE, the United States emerges as the leading source, contributing a substantial 29% of investments.

The United Kingdom and the European Union follow with significant 9% and 8% shares.

Notably, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, China, India each account for 2% to 3% of the investments flowing into the UAE.

This diverse spectrum of regions participating in investments reflects the global interest and collaboration in advancing life sciences within the UAE.

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