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UAE Life Sciences Patents (Beta Version)

UAE Life Sciences Patents by Registration Year

In recent years, the UAE has witnessed a significant rise in international collaboration for life sciences patents. This underscores the country's commitment to becoming a global hub for innovation. The surge in patent registrations reflects an expanding network of global partnerships, highlighting the UAE's resolve to address complex life sciences challenges.

While variations in the number of newly registered UAE patents are natural and expected, the average number of patents during last 4 years is very much higher than during previous years.

Looking ahead, the UAE's trajectory of increased global collaboration and annual patent registrations promises a bright future in innovation. It reaffirms the UAE's dynamic role in life sciences, driving groundbreaking discoveries and nurturing borderless partnerships. The nation's dedication to scientific progress will continue shaping the patent and life sciences landscape, ultimately benefiting the global community.


Based on the examination of over 700 Life Science patents in the UAE categorized by their respective industries, it was evident that the majority of innovations in the field of Life Sciences within the UAE were primarily concentrated in the Preparations for Medical sector, comprising 315 patents, accounting for 43% of the total. Following closely was the Macromolecular Compounds category, specifically those obtained through reactions exclusively involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds, with 91 patents, representing 12.4%.

The remaining industries each contributed less than 10% of the patents, with Materials for Miscellaneous Applications and Acyclic or Carbocyclic Compounds both tied as the third-largest, each with 60 patents. A smaller segment of the patents, specifically those related to Peptides and Coating Compositions, constituted around 4% of the total patents, with 31 and 30 patents respectively. Therefore, these two categories were found to be less prominent in terms of innovation within the field of Life Sciences in the UAE.

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